Papīrius Carbō, Gnaeus

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A seditious tribune (see tribuni plebis) in 92 bc. He fought in the Social War and supported Cornelius Cinna in 87. He became Cinna's colleague as consul 85 and 84 and, as sole consul after Cinna's death, continued his moderate policy, giving citizenship to the last of the Italians and supporting a senate vote for disarmament. At the end of 84 he gave up the consulship, but with Sulla advancing in Italy, became consul 82 with Marius, son of Marius, and, with newly ‐raised levies, fought unsuccessfully against Sulla, Caecilius Metellus Pius, and Pompey. After failing to relieve Marius at Praeneste he fled to Africa, was proscribed, captured by Pompey (whom he had once defended on a criminal charge) and executed.

Subjects: Classical Studies.

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