George Paton

(1721—1807) antiquary and bibliographer

'George Paton' can also refer to...

George Paton Pollitt (1878—1964) chemical industrialist and farmer

PATON, George (1841 - 1931)

POLLITT, George Paton (1878 - 1964)

PATON, George Pearson (1882 - 1975)

Paton, George (1721-1807), antiquary and bibliographer

Pollitt, George Paton (1878-1964), chemical industrialist and farmer

PATON, George (died 1906), Professor of Civil Engineering and Book-keeping

PATON, George Campbell Henderson (1905 - 1984), Reader in Scots Law, Edinburgh University, 1967–75

PATON, George Whitecross (1902 - 1985), Vice-Chancellor, University of Melbourne, 1951–68

PATON, George (William) (1859 - 1934), Chairman and Managing Director British Match Corporation, Ltd; Chairman and Managing Director of Bryant and May, Ltd, London, Liverpool, Leeds, and Glasgow

ASTON, Harold (George) (1923 - 2005), Chairman and Chief Executive, Bonds Coats Patons Ltd, 1981–87 (Deputy Chairman, 1970–80); Director, Central Sydney Area Health Service, 1988–92

YOUNGER, James (Paton) (1891 - 1974), JP; Chairman: George Younger & Son Ltd, 1947–65; Scottish Central Glass Works Ltd, 1947–65; Western Regional Hospital Board, Scotland, 1955–63; United Caledonian Breweries Ltd, 1960–68; President, Tennent Caledonian Breweries Ltd, 1968, Hon. President, 1972; Lord Lieutenant, County of Clackmannan, 1955–66

POLLITT, Gerald Paton (1877 - 1943), late Hon. Dental Surgeon, London Hospital; and Lecturer, London Hospital Dental School; late Hon. Consultant in Dental Surgery, Military Hospitals in London, and Assistant Dental Surgeon, King George Hospital; late Hon. Dental Surgeon, Paddington Green Children’s Hospital; Fellow Royal Society of Medicine; Member of British Dental Association, of Society for Study of Orthodontics, and of School Dentists’ Society; late President American Dental Society of London

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