Quintus Pedius

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Son of an equestrian and of Iulia, Caesar's elder sister, served as Caesar's legate in Gaul (58–56 bc?) and supported him in 49. Praetor 48, he suppressed the rising of Annius Milo. In 46 he and Fabius Maximus commanded Caesar's forces in Spain; in 45 they took part in the campaign of Munda and were allowed to triumph. In 44 Pedius inherited one‐eighth of Caesar's estate but was induced by Octavian to place it at his disposal. In 43 he became consul with him, carried a law providing for the trial of Caesar's murderers, and was left in charge of the city during Octavian's negotiations with Marcus Antonius (Mark Antony) and Aemilius Lepidus 2 at Bononia. Ordered to initiate the proscriptions, he obeyed but died of anxiety over his task and the future.

Subjects: Classical Studies.

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