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1 A strop, or short length of rope or wire with a thimble spliced into the end, fixed on each side of the main- and foremasts of a square-rigged ship just below the shrouds, and to which the main and fore tackles were hooked. They received their name as they hung vertically downwards as low as the catharpings.

2 Any length of rope or wire used in those places where it is required to transmit the power of a purchase to a distant object. Generally they have a thimble or a block spliced into one end. They usually also have a qualifying name attached to indicate their use: e.g. a cat pendant, used to cat an anchor; and a mooringpendant, used to haul the end of a chain cable round the bows of a ship when two anchors are down and it is necessary to insert a mooring swivel.

See also pennant.

See also pennant.

Subjects: Maritime History.

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