Algernon Percy

(1792—1865) landowner and philanthropist

'Algernon Percy' can also refer to...

Algernon Percy (1602—1668) politician

Algernon George Percy (1810—1899) landowner and politician

Henry Algernon Percy (c. 1502—1537) magnate

Henry Algernon Percy (1478—1527) magnate

Henry Algernon George Percy (1871—1909) politician and traveller

Percy Ellen Algernon Frederick William Sydney Smythe (1825—1869) diplomatist and philologist

Percy, Algernon, tenth earl of Northumberland (1602-1668), politician

Percy, Henry Algernon, fifth earl of Northumberland (1478-1527), magnate

Percy, Henry Algernon George, Earl Percy (1871-1909), politician and traveller

Percy, Algernon, fourth duke of Northumberland (1792-1865), landowner and philanthropist

Percy, Henry Algernon, sixth earl of Northumberland (c. 1502-1537), magnate

Smythe, Percy Ellen Algernon Frederick William Sydney, eighth Viscount Strangford (1825-1869), diplomatist and philologist

Percy, Algernon George, sixth duke of Northumberland (1810-1899), landowner and politician

Percy, Ralph George Algernon (born 1956), DL, Chairman, since 1992, and President, since 1995, Northumberland Estates

Henry Percy, th Earl of Northumberland (1564 - 1632) and Algernon Percy, th Earl of Northumberland (1602 - 1668) and Hugh Smithson, st Duke of Northumberland (1714 - 1786) and Algernon Percy, th Duke of Northumberland (1792 - 1865)

PERCY, Rodney Algernon (1924 - 2008), a Circuit Judge, 1979–93; caravan site operator, 1993–99, general handyman on the site, since 2000

HEBER-PERCY, Algernon (Eustace Hugh) (born 1944), Lord-Lieutenant for Shropshire, since 1996 (Vice Lord-Lieutenant, 1990–96)

PERCY, Algernon Heber- (1845 - 1911), JP, DL; Chairman Standing Joint Committee of Salop and Alderman Salop County Council

PERCY, Algernon (Malcolm Arthur) (1851 - 1933), CA, Warwick; Vice-Lieutenant for Warwickshire; Chairman Warwickshire County Council; late Colonel commanding 3rd Batt Northumberland Fusiliers; ADC to the King, 1902–20

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