Henry Percy

(c. 1321—1368) magnate

'Henry Percy' can also refer to...

Percy, Henry

Percy, Henry

Henry Percy (1364—1403) soldier

Henry Percy (c. 1273—1314) magnate

Henry Percy (c. 1449—1489) magnate

Henry Percy (c. 1604—1659) royalist army officer

Henry Percy (c. 1532—1585) magnate and conspirator

Henry Percy (1301—1352) soldier and magnate

Henry Percy (1785—1825) army officer

Henry Percy (1394—1455) magnate

Percy, Henry

Percy, Henry

Percy John Henry Unna (1878—1950) mountaineer and conservationist

Sir Percy Henry Winfield (1878—1953) lawyer and jurist

Henry Percy Adams (1865—1930)

Henry Algernon Percy (c. 1502—1537) magnate

Henry Algernon Percy (1478—1527) magnate

Henry Algernon George Percy (1871—1909) politician and traveller

Sir Henry de Percy (c. 1202—1272) baron

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