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lysosome–phagosome fusion

lysosome–phagosome fusion

Cytokine effects on maturation of the phagosomes containing Mycobacteria avium subspecies paratuberculosis in J774 cells

Localization of Legionella bacteria within ribosome-studded phagosomes is not restricted to Legionella pneumophila

Dectin-1–Dependent LC3 Recruitment to Phagosomes Enhances Fungicidal Activity in Macrophages

Stimulation of phagocytosis and phagosome—lysosome (P-L) fusion of human polymorphonuclear leukocytes by sulfatide (galactosylceramide-3-sulfate)

Mycobacterium tuberculosis escapes from the phagosomes of infected human osteoclasts reprograms osteoclast development via dysregulation of cytokines and chemokines

Lipopolysaccharide of Legionella pneumophila shed in a liquid culture as a nonvesicular fraction arrests phagosome maturation in amoeba and monocytic host cells

A novel promoter trap identifies Listeria monocytogenes promoters expressed at a low pH within the macrophage phagosome

Link between Impaired Maturation of Phagosomes and Defective Coxiella burnetii Killing in Patients with Chronic Q Fever

Statin Therapy Reduces the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Burden in Human Macrophages and in Mice by Enhancing Autophagy and Phagosome Maturation

Quantitative analysis of phagosome formation and maturation using an Escherichia coli probe expressing a tandem fluorescent protein

Complementation of Listeria seeligeri with the plcA-prfA genes from L. monocytogenes activates transcription of seeligerolysin and leads to bacterial escape from the phagosome of infected mammalian cells


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A membrane-bounded cytoplasmic particle produced by the budding off of localized invaginations of the plasmalemma. Recently phagocytosed particles are segregated within the cell in phagosomes.

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