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Son of Pharnaces, hereditary satrap of Dascylium (in Hellespontine Phrygia), distant cousin and son‐in‐law of Artaxerxes 2 II. Instructed like Tissaphernes to recover control of Asiatic Greek cities, he co‐operated undeviously with Sparta, appearing personally at Abydos, Cyzicus (410), and Chalcedon (408) and providing relief after Cyzicus. Cyrus (2)'s arrival (407) aborted Athenian negotiations with Darius II via Pharnabazus, and he temporarily disappears. He had Alcibiades murdered at Lysander's request (404/3), but after Sparta's intervention in Anatolia his territory was invaded. Agesilaus invited him to rebel but conceded his right to remain loyal to Artaxerxes (395). The satrap's advice had already prompted Conon (1)'s naval counter‐offensive, and after Cnidus Pharnabazus took the fleet to mainland Greece (393)—unparalleled for a Persian after 479—attacked Spartan territory and supplied money to Athens and her allies. By 388/7 he had left to marry the King's daughter.

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