phosphorus(III) bromide

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A colourless fuming liquid, PBr3; r.d. 2.85; m.p. –40°C; b.p. 173°C. It is prepared by passing bromine vapour over phosphorus but avoiding an excess, which would lead to the phosphorus(V) bromide. Like the other phosphorus(III) halides, PBr3 is pyramidal in the gas phase. In the liquid phase the P-Br bonds are labile; for example, PBr3 will react with PCl3 to give a mixture of products in which the halogen atoms have been redistributed. Phosphorus(III) bromide is rapidly hydrolysed by water to give phosphonic acid and hydrogen bromide. It reacts readily with many organic hydroxyl groups and is used as a reagent for introducing bromine atoms into organic molecules.

Subjects: Chemistry.

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