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Of a colour intermediate between red and white, as of coral or salmon. The word comes (in the mid 17th century) from pink1, the early use of the adjective being to describe the colour of the flowers of this plant.

Politically, pink is used as a mildly derogatory informal term for a person of left-wing tendencies.

pink elephants hallucinations supposedly typical of those experienced by a person who is drunk.

pink pound a term for the perceived buying power of homosexuals as a consumer group, recognized in the 1980s; by the 1990s, the pink economy was seen as a substantial element of the business world.

pink triangle a triangular piece of pink cloth sewn on to clothing to identify homosexual men in Nazi concentration camps; in later use, a symbol indicating support for homosexual freedom and rights.

Pink 'Un the informal name for the Sporting Times (1865–1931), which from April 1876 was printed on pink paper.

See also sky-blue pink.

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