Pishiboro's Body Becomes Water, His Blood Becomes Rocks

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(|Gwikwe/Botswana, Namibia)

Pishiboro is the supreme being.

In the beginning, Pishiboro was bitten by a puff adder, and he died. The place where he died was an empty place, and when he died, the world was created: water flowed from his body and the rivers were created, blood coursed from his body and hills and rocks evolved, valleys were the result of his violent death throes, as his body resolved itself into rivers and his hair became the clouds that would create the rain.

In the beginning, Pishiboro observed some of the beings he had created, the humans, and he concluded that they were not what he wanted them to be: they had no hair, they were unattractive. So it was that God determined to recreate them; when he did so he gave them hair, so that when he had completed his creation, the humans were now indistinguishable from the other animals. But the work of creation was not yet complete; now Pishiboro transformed some of these animals that he had made into people, into humans. Now the work of differentiation continued, as God identified some of the creatures he had created as gemsbok, some as wildebeest: these animals would multiply, and their flesh would be eaten by the people. He decreed that it was animals with horns that were to be eaten. People, on the other hand, were not to be eaten: they would walk upright, and when they died they would be buried. The people who had no horns, when they died, should be buried, not eaten.

Today, Pishiboro lives under the ground. He emerges from time to time to destroy humans and to take them with him to his place beneath the earth. See also: ǂGao!na, !Nariba

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