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The largest island in the Bay of Naples and the site of the first and most northerly Greek base in the west. See colonization, greek. The acropolis was in continuous use between the mid‐8th and the 1st cents. bc. An emporion rather than an apoikia, Pithecusae was settled by Chalcidians and Eretrians (see chalcis; eretria). Throughout the second half of the 8th cent. it served as a large and vital ‘pre‐colonial’ staging‐post—with a stable population numbered in thousands—at the western end of the route from the Aegean and the Levant. The suburban industrial complex has yielded abundant evidence for early metallurgical production; competent local versions of Euboean Late Geometric pottery (see pottery, greek) were produced en masse, and expatriate Protocorinthian potters were also active.

Subjects: Classical Studies.

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