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pitcher plant

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pitcher plants

pitcher plant

Carnivorous Syndrome in Asian Pitcher Plants of the Genus Nepenthes

Feeding enhances photosynthetic efficiency in the carnivorous pitcher plant Nepenthes talangensis

Capture mechanism in Palaeotropical pitcher plants (Nepenthaceae) is constrained by climate

Bacterial diversity in three distinct sub-habitats within the pitchers of the northern pitcher plant, S arracenia purpurea

Ion fluxes across the pitcher walls of three Bornean Nepenthes pitcher plant species: flux rates and gland distribution patterns reflect nitrogen sequestration strategies

Aspects of Pitcher Morphology and Spectral Characteristics of Six BorneanNepenthesPitcher Plant Species: Implications for Prey Capture

Traps of carnivorous pitcher plants as a habitat: composition of the fluid, biodiversity and mutualistic activities

Fluid physico-chemical properties influence capture and diet in Nepenthes pitcher plants

Effect of pitcher age on trapping efficiency and natural prey capture in carnivorous Nepenthes rafflesiana plants

The Pitcher Plant Flesh Fly Exhibits a Mixture of Patchy and Metapopulation Attributes

Local Interactions in Pitcher Plant Communities Scale-Up to Regional Patterns in Distribution and Abundance

Evidence for alternative trapping strategies in two forms of the pitcher plant, Nepenthes rafflesiana

Induced production of antifungal naphthoquinones in the pitchers of the carnivorous plant Nepenthes khasiana

Pathways for Nutrient Transport in the Pitchers of the Carnivorous Plant Nepenthes alata

Termite Prey Specialization in the Pitcher Plant Nepenthes albomarginata—Evidence from Stable Isotope Analysis

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Any of several species of insectivorous plant of the tropics and sub-tropics. It traps insects in its vase-shaped leaves, which are lined with bristles. Trapped insects decompose and are absorbed ...

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