plant genetics

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plant genetics

plant genetics

Genetics of plant dispersal

Cross-pollination of plants and animals: wild quantitative genetics and plant evolutionary genetics

Preface to Genetics of Plant Mineral Nutrition

The Genetics and Genomics of Plant Domestication

Kang, M. S. Quantitative genetics, genomics and plant breeding

Molecular Population Genetics and the Search for Adaptive Evolution in Plants

Cutting Edge Genetics: CRISPR/Cas9 Editing of Plant Genomes

Domestication of Plants in the Americas: Insights from Mendelian and Molecular Genetics

Population Genetics of the Homomorphic Self-incompatibility Polymorphisms in Flowering Plants

Reverse genetics techniques: engineering loss and gain of gene function in plants

Genetics and Bitter Taste Responses to Goitrin, a Plant Toxin Found in Vegetables

Ecology and Genetics of Ephemeral Plant Populations: Eichhornia paniculata (Pontederiaceae) in Northeast Brazil

From Genes to Ecosystems: Plant Genetics as a Link between Above- and Belowground Processes

Quantitative Genetics and Functional–Structural Plant Growth Models: Simulation of Quantitative Trait Loci Detection for Model Parameters and Application to Potential Yield Optimization

Palaeopolyploidy, Spatial Structure and Conservation Genetics of the Narrow Steppe Plant Vella pseudocytisus subsp. paui (Vellinae, Cruciferae)

The genetics and evolution of flowering time variation in plants: Identifying genes that control a key life history transition

Population Genetics of Braun’s Rockcress (Boechera perstellata, Brassicaceae), an Endangered Plant with a Disjunct Distribution

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Science of heredity and variation in plants. Research in genetics since 1900 supplied the principles of plant breeding, especially hybridization. The development of consistently reliable and healthy first-generation crosses (F1 ...

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