Aulus Platorius Nepos

(fl. c. 109—135) Roman governor of Britain

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(RE 2) possibly of Spanish origin, consul ad 119, was appointed governor of Thrace, probably by his friend Hadrian in 117. Nepos was sent to Lower Germany (see Germania) in 119 or 120, then moved straight from there to Britain (122 until after September 124); he may have accompanied the emperor himself and apparently brought with him Legio VI Victrix (see legion), which was now to be permanently stationed in Britain. Inscriptions from several milecastles and two forts (Benwell and Halton Chesters, The Roman Inscriptions of Britain 1340; 1427) show that he began work on Hadrian's wall (see wall of Hadrian). Subsequently Nepos fell out of favour with the emperor.

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