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(meadow grasses; family Poaceae)

A genus of grasses that have compound panicles and glabrous leaves. The spikelets are keeled and usually of 2–5 florets. The lemma is keeled and nerved, often with a tuft of long, soft hairs arising from the base, and usually with a hyaline tip, and no awn. The lemma is longer than the awnless glume. There are 3 stamens with long anthers, and a short, terminal style. P. annua (annual meadow grass) is thought to be the most widely distributed and the commonest grass species in the world. It is found in all regions, but in the tropics is restricted to mountainous areas. There are more than 250 species, found in all temperate and cool regions, and at higher altitudes in the tropics. Many species are valuable pasture grasses.

Subjects: Plant Sciences and Forestry.

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