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Synchronisation Induced by Repulsive Interactions in a System of van der Pol Oscillators

Lack of sugar discrimination by human Pol µ requires a single glycine residue

MamPol: a database of nucleotide polymorphism in the Mammalia class

Characterization of SpPol4, a unique X-family DNA polymerase in Schizosaccharomyces pombe

POLQ (Pol θ), a DNA polymerase and DNA‐dependent ATPase in human cells

Human PrimPol mutation associated with high myopia has a DNA replication defect

Optical EVPA rotations in blazars: testing a stochastic variability model with RoboPol data

A novel skew analysis reveals substitution asymmetries linked to genetic code GC-biases and PolIII a-subunit isoforms

Human PrimPol is a highly error-prone polymerase regulated by single-stranded DNA binding proteins

Overexpression of human DNA polymerase μ (Pol μ) in a Burkitt's lymphoma cell line affects the somatic hypermutation rate

Deriving four functional anti-HIV siRNAs from a single Pol III-generated transcript comprising two adjacent long hairpin RNA precursors

A feed forward circuit comprising Spt6, Ctk1 and PAF regulates Pol II CTD phosphorylation and transcription elongation

A four-subunit DNA polymerase ζ complex containing Pol δ accessory subunits is essential for PCNA-mediated mutagenesis

Development of an inducible pol III transcription system essentially requiring a mutated form of the TATA-binding protein

Human transcription factors IIIC2, IIIC1 and a novel component IIIC0 fulfil different aspects of DNA binding to various pol III genes

Specific interaction between DNA polymerase II (PolD) and RadB, a Rad51/Dmc1 homolog, in Pyrococcus furiosus

The A-rich RNA sequences of HIV-1 pol are important for the synthesis of viral cDNA

PromFD 1.0: a computer program that predicts eukaryotic pol II promoters using strings and IMD matrices


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The structural gene in Escherichia coli for DNA polymerase I (Pol or Pol I; see DNA polymerase), which serves as a repair polymerase and as an exonuclease in the generation ...

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