pollen grain

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pollen grain

pollen grain

pollen grain

pollen grain

pollen grain

pollen grain

Visualization of Plastids in Pollen Grains: Involvement of FtsZ1 in Pollen Plastid Division

Insights into a hydration regulating system in Cupressus pollen grains

Insights into a hydration regulating system in Cupressus pollen grains

Variation of microsporogenesis in monocots producing monosulcate pollen grains

Counting pollen grains using readily available, free image processing and analysis software

Pollen grain development is compromised in Arabidopsis agp6 agp11 null mutants

In vitro Arabidopsis pollen germination and characterization of the inward potassium currents in Arabidopsis pollen grain protoplasts

Flow cytometric analysis of pollen grains collected from individual bees provides information about pollen load composition and foraging behaviour

Fructokinase and Hexokinase from Pollen Grains of Bell Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.): Possible Role in Pollen Germination under Conditions of High Temperature and CO2 Enrichment

The Arabidopsis FLAKY POLLEN1 Gene Encodes a 3-Hydroxy-3-Methylglutaryl-Coenzyme A Synthase Required for Development of Tapetum-Specific Organelles and Fertility of Pollen Grains

Buzz pollination in eight bumblebee-pollinated Pedicularis species: does it involve vibration-induced triboelectric charging of pollen grains?

Wettable and Unsinkable: The Hydrodynamics of Saccate Pollen Grains in Relation to the Pollination Mechanism in the Two New Zealand Species of Prumnopitys Phil. (Podocarpaceae)

Impact of Pollen Grains from Bt Transgenic Corn on the Growth and Development of Chinese Tussah Silkworm, Antheraea pernyi (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae)


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A microspore in flowering plants, which germinates to form the male gametophyte, a structure made up of the pollen grain plus a pollen tube. The grain contains 3 haploid nuclei (a tube nucleus and 2 sperm nuclei), which pass down the tube to the ovum. One of the sperm nuclei fertilizes the ovum, and the second fuses with the 2 polar nuclei forming the endosperm. The tube nucleus (which is considered to be vestigial, having been completely functional earlier in the evolution of flowering plants) degenerates after double fertilization (so called because of the two unions of nuclei).

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