population trap

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population trap

population trap

population trap

Aedes aegypti Population Sampling Using BG-Sentinel Traps in North Queensland Australia: Statistical Considerations for Trap Deployment and Sampling Strategy

Improving Detection Tools for Emerald Ash Borer (Coleoptera: Buprestidae): Comparison of Multifunnel Traps, Prism Traps, and Lure Types at Varying Population Densities

Effects of Various Interventions, Including Mass Trapping with Passive Pitfall Traps, on Low-Level Bed Bug Populations in Apartments

Influence of Trap Distance From a Source Population and Multiple Traps on Captures and Attack Densities of the Redbay Ambrosia Beetle (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae)

Mark-recapture of Monochamus galloprovincialis with semiochemical-baited traps: population density, attraction distance, flight behaviour and mass trapping efficiency

Evaluation of Preventive Treatments in Low-Density Gypsy Moth Populations Using Pheromone Traps

Estimating Populations of Grain Beetles Using Probe Traps in Wheat-Filled Concrete Silos

Performance of Various Trap Types for Monitoring Populations of Cherry Fruit Fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) Species

Comparison Of Trap Types and Colors for Capturing Emerald Ash Borer Adults at Different Population Densities

Evaluation of Yellow Sticky Traps for Monitoring the Population of Thrips (Thysanoptera) in a Mango Orchard

Monitoring Populations of Saddled Prominent (Lepidoptera: Notodontidae) with Pheromone-Baited Traps

Geographic Variation in Pheromone Chemistry, Antennal Electrophysiology, and Pheromone-Mediated Trap Catch of North American Populations of the Obliquebanded Leafroller

Effect of Ethephon on Efficacy of Grandlure-Baited Pheromone Traps in Surveying Fall and Spring Populations of the Boll Weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Efficient Mass-Trapping Method as an Alternative Tactic for Suppressing Populations of Leopard Moth (Lepidoptera: Cossidae)

Impacts of Silvicultural Thinning Treatments on Beetle Trap Captures and Tree Attacks During Low Bark Beetle Populations in Ponderosa Pine Forests of Northern Arizona

Towards the Development of an Autocontamination Trap System to Manage Populations of Emerald Ash Borer (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) With the Native Entomopathogenic Fungus, Beauveria bassiana


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A situation where no increase in living standards is possible, because the population is growing so fast that all available savings are needed to maintain the existing capital–labour ratio. This is the position of some less developed countries, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. Escape from the trap requires an increase in savings, a cut in population growth, or both.

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