potassium dichromate

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An orange-red crystalline solid, K2Cr2O7, soluble in water and insoluble in alcohol; monoclinic or triclinic; r.d. 2.68; monoclinic changes to triclinic at 241.6°C; m.p. 396°C; decomposes above 500°C. It is prepared by acidification of crude potassium chromate solution (the addition of a base to solutions of potassium dichromate reverses this process). The compound is used industrially as an oxidizing agent in the chemical industry and in dyestuffs manufacture, in electroplating, pyrotechnics, glass manufacture, glues, tanning, photography and lithography, and in ceramic products. Laboratory uses include application as an analytical reagent and as an oxidizng agent. Potassium dichromate is toxic and considered a fire risk on account of its oxidizing properties.

Subjects: Chemistry.

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