Principal iconographical emblems of saints

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Anchor Clement

Angel Matthew, Cecilia

Apples Dorothy

Arrows Edmund of East Anglia, Sebastian

Axe John the Baptist, Boniface, Magnus, Olaf, Winifred, Thomas More, John Fisher

Banner George, James the Great, Maurice

Barrel of salt Rupert

Battleaxe Olaf

Basket of bread Nicholas of Tolentino

Basket of fruit and flowers Dorothy

Bear Gall, Seraphim

Bees Ambrose, John Chrysostom

Bell Antony of Egypt, Winwaloe

Birds Francis of Assisi

Blackbird Kevin

Boat Simon, Jude, Bertin

Book Anne, Augustine, Bernard, etc.

Boys in tub Nicholas

Breasts (on dish) Agatha

Broom Martha, Petronilla, Zita

Bull Luke, Frideswide, Thomas Aquinas

Camels Mennas

Candle Genevieve, Blaise, Gudule

Cannon Barbara

Cardinal's hat Bonaventure, Jerome, Robert Bellarmine

Cauldron of oil John the Evangelist

Chalice Richard, Hugh, etc.

Cheese Juthwara, Brigid

Child on boar Cyricus

Cloak Martin of Tours

Club Christopher, Jude, Magnus, Simon, James the less

Cock Peter, Vitus

Comb (for wool) Blaise

Cow Brigid, Perpetua

Cross Helen, Philip

Cross saltire Andrew

Cross upside down Peter

Cross (T) Antony of Egypt

Crow Antony, Paul the first hermit

Crown Louis, Olaf, Wenceslas, etc.

Cruets Joseph of Arimathea, Vincent of Saragossa

Crutch Giles

Cup John the Evangelist, Benedict

Dagger Edward the Martyr, Peter the Martyr, Olaf, Wenceslas

Doe Withburga

Dog Dominic, Roch, Eustace, Hubert, Bernard of Aosta

Dove Ambrose, Cunibert, David, Gregory, Samson.

Dragon Armel, George, Margaret of Antioch, Martha, Sylvester

Eagle John the Evangelist

Eyes (on dish) Lucy

Eyes (on book) Odile

Fish Neot, Zeno, Antony of Padua, Eanswyth

Fish and key Benno

Globe Henry, Louis

Globe of fire Martin

Goose Werburga, Brigid, Martin

Gridiron Laurence, Vincent of Saragossa

Hammer Apollonia, Eligius

Head held in hands Denys, Oswald, Sidwell, Sigfrid, etc.

Hind or stag Eustace, Giles, Hubert

Host in hand John of Sahagun

Host in monstrance Clare of Assisi

IHS tablet (monogram of Jesus) Bernardino of Siena

Intestines Erasmus

Jar of ointment Mary Magdalen, Mary of Egypt

Key(s) Peter, Petronilla, Martha, Zita

Knife Bartholomew, Peter the Martyr, William of Norwich

Ladder John Climacus, Emmeranus

Ladle Martha

Lamb Agnes, John the Baptist

Lance Jude, Thomas the Apostle, Gereon, Maurice

Lantern Gudule, Lucy

Lily Antony of Padua, Catherine of Siena, Dominic

Lion Mark, Jerome

Loaves of bread Philip, Nicholas of Tolentino

Mitres (three) Bernardino of Siena

Money bag (or box) Matthew, Nicholas

Monstrance Clare, Norbert

Mountaineers' stick Bernard of Aosta

Mouse Gertrude of Nivelles

Nails Joseph of Arimathea, Louis, William of Norwich

Necklace Etheldreda

Net Peter, Andrew, Blandina

Organ Cecilia

Otters Cuthbert

Ox-bone Alphege

Phial of oil Remigius, Januarius, Walburga

Pig Antony of Egypt

Pilgrim's hat James the Great

Pincers Apollonia, Agatha, Dunstan, Eloi

Purse Antoninus, Laurence, John the Almsgiver

Raven Benedict, Oswald

Ring Catherine of Alexandria, Catherine of Siena, Edward the Confessor

Roses Theresa of Lisieux, Rose, Elizabeth of Hungary

Salmon with ring Kentigern

Salt-barrel Rupert

Scales weighing souls Blessed Virgin Mary, Michael

Scourge Guthlac

Scythe Juthwara, Sidwell, Walstan, Isidore the Farmer

Shamrock and snakes Patrick

Shell James the Great

Ship Anselm, Bertin, Nicholas, Ursula

Shoes Crispin and Crispinian

Shower of rain Swithun

Spade Fiacre, Phocas

Spear Thomas the Apostle

Staff with Child Jesus Christopher

Stag Eustace, Giles, Hubert, Osyth

Star Dominic, Thomas Aquinas, Vincent Ferrer, Nicholas of Tolentino

Stone Stephen, Jerome

Surgical instruments Cosmas and Damian, Luke

Swan Hugh of Lincoln

Sword Paul (and many martyrs)

Tongs Dunstan, Eloi

Tower Barbara

Tub Nicholas

Vernicle Veronica

Vine Vincent of Saragossa

Well Juthwara, Sidwell

Whale Malo, Brendan

Wheel Catherine of Alexandria, Christina

Wheelbarrow Cuthman

Windlass Erasmus

Wolf Edmund of East Anglia, Francis of Assisi, Wolfgang

Women under cloak Ursula

Wound in head Peter the Martyr

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