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Symbol Pm. A soft silvery metallic element belonging to the lanthanoids; a.n. 61; r.a.m. 145; r.d. 7.26 (20°C); m.p. 1080°C; b.p. 2460°C. The only naturally occurring isotope, promethium–147, has a half-life of only 2.52 years. Eighteen other radioisotopes have been produced, but they have very short half-lives. The only known source of the element is nuclear-waste material. Promethium–147 is of interest as a beta-decay power source but the promethium–146 and –148, which emit penetrating gamma radiation, must first be removed. It was discovered by J. A. Marinsky, L. E. Glendenin, and C. D. Coryell in 1947.

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Subjects: Chemistry.

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