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Four residues of propeptide are essential for precursor folding of nattokinase

Procollagen III N-terminal Propeptide and Desmosine are Released by Matrix Destruction in Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Function of the Propeptide Region in Recombinant Expression of Active Procathepsin L in Escherichia coli

The Role of the Cathepsin E Propeptide in Correct Folding, Maturation and Sorting to the Endosome

Kinetic studies of the inhibitory effects of propeptides subtilisin BPN' and Carlsberg to bacterial serine proteases.

Positive Selection and Propeptide Repeats Promote Rapid Interspecific Divergence of a Gastropod Sperm Protein

Propeptide-Mediated Inhibition of Myostatin Increases Muscle Mass Through Inhibiting Proteolytic Pathways in Aged Mice

Accelerated Refolding of Subtilisin BPN' by Tertiary-Structure-Forming Mutants of Its Propeptide

The Role of Propeptide in the Refolding of Human Group IB Phospholipase A2

A polymorphism in the lysyl oxidase propeptide domain accelerates carcinogen-induced cancer

Engineering of a Staphylococcus carnosus surface display system by substitution or deletion of a Staphylococcus hyicus lipase propeptide

285 Plasma N-terminal fragments of natriuretic propeptides predict the risk of cardiovascular events in middle-aged men

Bombyx Cysteine Proteinase Inhibitor (BCPI) Homologous to Propeptide Regions of Cysteine Proteinases Is a Strong, Selective Inhibitor of Cathepsin L-like Cysteine Proteinases

A cathepsin F-like peptidase involved in barley grain protein mobilization, HvPap-1, is modulated by its own propeptide and by cystatins

Targeting of proConA to the Plant Vacuole depends on its Nine Amino-acid C-terminal Propeptide

Activation of Arabidopsis Vacuolar Processing Enzyme by Self-Catalytic Removal of an Auto-Inhibitory Domain of the C-Terminal Propeptide

Targeting of proConA to the Plant Vacuole depends on its Nine Amino-acid C-terminal Propeptide

Subtilisin-like serine protease from hyperthermophilic archaeon Thermococcus kodakaraensis with N- and C-terminal propeptides


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That part of a peptide chain that follows the signal sequence, and is cleaved off in formation of the mature protein.

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