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(Ger. Rackett).

Renaissance woodwind instr., forerunner of bn., developed in Ger. in late 16th cent., when it was called Raggett. Had narrow cylindrical bore of 9 parallel channels drilled in wooden or ivory cylinder and connected alternately top and bottom. Existed in 4 types: ten., bass, quint bass, great bass. Ten. was 4½″ high, great bass just over 12″. During latter part of 17th cent., bass racket was redesigned, with wider expanding conical bore, coiled crook inserted at side, central bulbous bell, and new disposition of finger‐holes. This instr., in effect a narrow‐bore bn., is known as the baroque racket. Modern versions of both Renaissance and Baroque racket available, former with a plastic reed.

Subjects: Music.

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