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(Skt.; Pāli, Rājagaha).

The capital of Magadha until the end of the Haryaṇka dynasty. Built by King Bimbisāra, the town was in a valley, surrounded by seven hills, the most famous of which is Vulture's Peak (Gṛdhrakūṭa). The town was visited on numerous occasions by the Buddha.who formed a lifelong friendship with Bimbisāra. The king donated the adjacent parkland of Veluvana to the Order (Saṃgha). While staying in Rājagṛha, the Buddha recruited a number of his foremost disciples, including Śāriputra and Mahākāśyapa. With the transference of the Magadhan capital to Pāṭaliputra.the importance of Rājagṛha faded and it was in virtual ruins by the 7th century when it was visited by the Chinese pilgrim Hsüan-tsang.

Subjects: Buddhism.

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