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Messenger (of God). One of two Quranic terms to refer to Muhammad and other prophets. The other is nabi, usually translated as “prophet.” Some scholars describe a rasul as a nabi who has delivered a written revelation (scripture), although the Quran appears to use the terms interchangeably. It describes a coherent chain of prophets and messengers (and scriptures associated with them) sent by God, including Adam, Noah, Abraham, David (the Psalms are considered his scripture), Solomon, Moses (who brought the Torah), Jesus (the Gospels are considered his scripture), and Muhammad (who brought the Quran). The Quran states (10:47) that a rasul has been sent to every spiritual community (ummah). All messengers call humanity to worship the one God and renounce evil. Muslims are asked to believe in all the messengers. The Islamic testimony of faith (shahadah) comprises witnessing the oneness of God and the fact that Muhammad is God's messenger.

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