reaction intermediate

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reaction intermediate

A Model for the Reaction at Intermediate Energies

Benchmarking of activation reaction distribution in an intermediate energy neutron field

Non-equilibrium nucleon spectra from reactions at intermediate energies

Two-Step Contribution to Intermediate Energy (p, p′) and (p, n) Reactions

Theoretical simulation of residual nuclide products in 208,207,206Pb, NATPb and 209Bi (P,X) reactions at intermediate and high energies

Quantum molecular dynamics calculation of light-ion production in neutron-induced reactions at intermediate energies

Formation of Deeply Bound 1s Pionic States of Intermediate Mass Nuclei in (d,3He) Reactions

A Novel Mixed Valence Form of Rhus vernicifera Laccase and Its Reaction with Dioxygen to Give a Peroxide Intermediate Bound to the Trinuclear Center

X-Ray Structure of a Reaction Intermediate of L-2-Haloacid Dehalogenase with L-2-Chloropropionamide

DNA strand transfer reactions catalyzed by vaccinia topoisomerase: hydrolysis and glycerololysis of the covalent protein-DNA intermediate

Differential stabilization of reaction intermediates: specificity checkpoints for M.EcoRI revealed by transient fluorescence and fluorescence lifetime studies

Crystal structures of I-SceI complexed to nicked DNA substrates: snapshots of intermediates along the DNA cleavage reaction pathway

Structure of Naegleria Tet-like dioxygenase (NgTet1) in complexes with a reaction intermediate 5-hydroxymethylcytosine DNA

Three-Dimensional Structure of the Purple Intermediate of Porcine Kidney D-Amino Acid Oxidase. Optimization of the Oxidative Half-Reaction through Alignment of the Product with Reduced Flavin

Galactosyl Transfer Catalyzed by Thermostable β-Glycosidases from Sulfolobus solfataricus and Pyrococcus furiosus: Kinetic Studies of the Reactions of Galactosylated Enzyme Intermediates with a Range of Nucleophiles

Conversion of the Aminocrotonate Intermediate Limits the Rate of γ-Elimination Reaction Catalyzed by l-Cystathionine γ-lyase of the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

In Vitro Refolding and Unfolding of Subunits of Electron-Transferring Flavoprotein: Characterization of the Folding Intermediates and the Effects of FAD and AMP on the Folding Reaction

Catalytic mechanism of α-phosphate attack in dUTPase is revealed by X-ray crystallographic snapshots of distinct intermediates, 31P-NMR spectroscopy and reaction path modelling


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A transient chemical species, with a lifetime appreciably longer than a molecular vibration time, formed directly or indirectly from the reactants of a chemical (often enzymic) reaction, and that further reacts (directly or indirectly) to give the reaction products.


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