reciprocal translocation

'reciprocal translocation' can also refer to...

reciprocal translocation

reciprocal translocation

reciprocal translocation

Autosomal Reciprocal Translocations

Autosomal Reciprocal Translocations

PGD for reciprocal and Robertsonian translocations using array comparative genomic hybridization

From spermatocytes to sperm: meiotic behaviour of human male reciprocal translocations

Accumulation of numerical and structural chromosome imbalances in spermatozoa from reciprocal translocation carriers

Nine new cases of reciprocal translocation in the domestic pig (Sus scrofa domestica L.)

Meiotic studies in two human reciprocal translocations and their association with spermatogenic failure

Reciprocal translocation carriers in recurrent miscarriage parents may yield an unbalanced fetal chromosome pattern

PGD in female carriers of balanced Robertsonian and reciprocal translocations by first polar body analysis

A molecular strategy for routine preimplantation genetic diagnosis in both reciprocal and Robertsonian translocation carriers

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis of chromosome balance in embryos from a patient with a balanced reciprocal translocation.

Reciprocal Translocations in Grass Pea (Lathyrus sativus L.): Pattern of Transmission, Detection of Multiple Interchanges and their Independence

Silencing of unpaired meiotic chromosomes and altered recombination patterns in an azoospermic carrier of a t(8;13) reciprocal translocation

10, 15 reciprocal translocation in an infertile man: ultrastructural and fluorescence in‐situ hybridization sperm study: Case report

Reply to ‘Reciprocal translocation carriers ascertained for recurrent miscarriage have a possibility to yield an unbalanced fetal chromosome pattern’

Homozygous disruption of PDZD7 by reciprocal translocation in a consanguineous family: a new member of the Usher syndrome protein interactome causing congenital hearing impairment


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A chromosomal rearrangement in which the ends of, usually, two nonhomologous chromosomes are exchanged. If the reciprocal translocation is balanced there is no loss or gain of genetic material after the exchange.


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