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repair synthesis

repair synthesis

repair synthesis

repair synthesis

repair synthesis

repair synthesis

CBP and p300 acetylate PCNA to link its degradation with nucleotide excision repair synthesis

Synthesis-dependent microhomology-mediated end joining accounts for multiple types of repair junctions

In vitro DNA synthesis opposite oxazolone and repair of this DNA damage using modified oligonucleotides

Mismatch repair protein MSH2 regulates translesion DNA synthesis following exposure of cells to UV radiation

Synthesis, Biophysical and Repair Studies of O6-2′-Deoxyguanosine Adducts by Escherichia coli OGT

Repair synthesis step involving ERCC1-XPF participates in DNA repair of the Top1-DNA damage complex

Repair of cisplatin-induced DNA interstrand crosslinks by a replication-independent pathway involving transcription-coupled repair and translesion synthesis

Accessibility of DNA polymerases to repair synthesis during nucleotide excision repair in yeast cell-free extracts

Recruitment of DNA repair synthesis machinery to sites of DNA damage/repair in living human cells

Persistent activation of ERK1/2 by lead acetate increases nucleotide excision repair synthesis and confers anti-cytotoxicity and anti-mutagenicity

SHORT COMMUNICATION: Time-Related introduction of DNA repair synthesis in rat hepatocytes following in vivo treatment with cyproterone acetate

Selection-free gene repair after adenoviral vector transduction of designer nucleases: rescue of dystrophin synthesis in DMD muscle cell populations

The PCNA-associated protein PARI negatively regulates homologous recombination via the inhibition of DNA repair synthesis


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Enzymatic excision and replacement of regions of damaged DNA as when UV- induced thymine dimers are removed. See Chronology, 1964, Setlow and Carrier, Boyce and Howard-Flanders; 1965, Clark and Margulies; cut-and-patch repair.

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