representational momentum

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After perceiving a static pictorial image of a moving object, such as a photograph of a person jumping off a wall, a tendency for subsequent recall of the image to be extrapolated forward in time, as though the movement implied in the image had continued further along its course. Respondents who are later asked to pick out the original image from a sequence of images of the scene at different points in time are more likely to err by selecting one slightly later in time than one slightly earlier. The phenomenon was first reported by the US psychologist Jennifer J. Freyd (born 1957) in an article in the journal Perception and Psychophysics in 1983. See also constructive memory, schema. RM abbrev. [From Latin repraesentare to exhibit, from re- again + praesentare to present + momentum movement or impetus, from movere to move]

Subjects: Psychology.

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