ribonuclease A

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ribonuclease A

ribonuclease A

A Reliable External Control for Ribonuclease Protection Assays

Ribonuclease PH interacts with an acidic ribonuclease E site through a basic 80-amino acid domain

Molecular cloning of four novel murine ribonuclease genes: Unusual expansion within the Ribonuclease A gene family

Ribonuclease P: the diversity of a ubiquitous RNA processing enzyme

Increased proteolytic resistance of ribonuclease A by protein engineering

Antibodies against pancreatic ribonuclease A hydrolyze RNA and DNA

Molecular Cloning and Characterization of a Novel Human Ribonuclease (RNase k6): Increasing Diversity in the Enlarging Ribonuclease Gene Family

RNase 8, a novel RNase A superfamily ribonuclease expressed uniquely in placenta

Human RNase 7: a new cationic ribonuclease of the RNase A superfamily

Role of Phe120 in the Activity and Structure of Bovine Pancreatic Ribonuclease A

Characterization and Primary Structure of a Base Non-Specific and Acid Ribonuclease from Dictyostelium discoideum

Characterization of Ribonuclease HII from Escherichia coli Overproduced in a Soluble Form

Dissimilarity in the oxidative folding of onconase and ribonuclease A, two structural homologues

Efficient cleavage of RNA at high temperatures by a thermostable DNA-linked ribonuclease H

Heat labile ribonuclease HI from a psychrotrophic bacterium: gene cloning, characterization and site-directed mutagenesis

Chimeric ribonuclease as a source of human adapter protein for targeted drug delivery

Expression and characterization of a cytotoxic human-frog chimeric ribonuclease: potential for cancer therapy.


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An enzyme made up of 124 amino acids, first isolated from bovine pancreas. Ribonuclease A hydrolyzes pyrimidines at the 3′ phosphate group and cleaves the 5′ phosphate linkage to the adjacent nucleotide. The end products of digestion are pyrimidine 3′ phosphates and oligonucleotides with pyrimidine 3′ phosphate termini. Ribonuclease A was the first protein to be subjected to reversible chemical modifications that demonstrated that the linear sequence of amino acids determined the unique three-dimensional structure of the protein. See Chronology, 1961, Anfinsen et al.

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