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Rickettsia rickettsii (Rickettsiales: Rickettsiaceae) in Amblyomma americanum (Acari: Ixodidae) From Kansas

Ixodes pacificus (Acari: Ixodidae) as a Vector of Ehrlichia equi (Rickettsiales: Ehrlichieae)

Ehrlichia chaffeensis (Rickettsiales: Ehrlichieae) Infection in Amblyomma americanum (Acari: Ixodidae) at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland

Prevalence of Ehrlichia canis (Rickettsiales: Anaplasmataceae) in Dogs and Rhipicephalus sanguineus (Acari: Ixodidae) Ticks from Brazil

Western blotting analysis of heat shock proteins of Rickettsiales and other eubacteria

Evaluation of Transovarial Transmission and Transmissibility of Ehrlichia chaffeensis (Rickettsiales: Anaplasmataceae) in Amblyomma americanum (Acari: Ixodidae)

An Initial Survey for Wolbachia (Rickettsiales: Rickettsiaceae) Infections in Selected California Mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae)

Feeding by Amblyomma maculatum (Acari: Ixodidae) Enhances Rickettsia parkeri (Rickettsiales: Rickettsiaceae) Infection in the Skin

The Genome Sequence of “Candidatus Fokinia solitaria”: Insights on Reductive Evolution in Rickettsiales

Conservation of Transmission Phenotype of Anaplasma marginale (Rickettsiales: Anaplasmataceae) Strains Among Dermacentor and Rhipicephalus Ticks (Acari: Ixodidae)

Site-Specific Geographic Association Between Amblyomma americanum (Acari: Ixodidae) Infestations and Ehrlichia chaffeensis-Reactive (Rickettsiales: Ehrlichieae) Antibodies in White-Tailed Deer

Developmental Studies of Anaplasma marginale (Rickettsiales: Anaplasmataceae) in Male Dermacentor andersoni (Acari: Ixodidae) Infected as Adults by Using Nonradioactive In Situ Hybridization and Microscopy

Variation Among Geographically Separated Populations of Dermacentor andersoni (Acari: Ixodidae) in Midgut Susceptibility to Anaplasma marginale (Rickettsiales: Anaplasmataceae)

Relative Efficiency of Biological Transmission of Anaplasma marginale (Rickettsiales: Anaplasmataceae) by Dermacentor andersoni (Acari: Ixodidae) Compared with Mechanical Transmission by Stomoxys calcitrans (Diptera: Muscidae)

Capillary Tube Feeding System for Studying Tick-Pathogen Interactions of Dermacentor variabilis (Acari: Ixodidae) and Anaplasma marginale (Rickettsiales: Anaplasmataceae)

Novel Ehrlichia Organism (Rickettsiales: Ehrlichieae) in White-Tailed Deer Associated with Lone Star Tick (Acari: Ixodidae) Parasitism

Dermacentor hunteri (Acari: Ixodidae): an Experimental Vector of Anaplasma marginale and A. ovis (Rickettsiales: Anaplasmataceae) to Calves and Sheep


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An order of Gram-negative bacteria, most of which are obligately parasitic (see parasitism) and can multiply only inside the cells of a living host under natural conditions, although some can be cultivated in cell-free media in the laboratory. Some can cause disease. There are 3 families.

Subjects: Plant Sciences and Forestry.

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