Charles Roberts

(1883—1939) footballer and businessman

'Charles Roberts' can also refer to...

Alexander Robert Charles Dallas (1791—1869) Church of England clergyman

Barre Charles Roberts (1789—1810) antiquary

Charles Austin Thomas Robert John Joseph ffrench (1868—1955) company director

Charles Robert Ashbee (1863—1942) architect, designer, and social reformer

Charles Robert Barry (1823—1897) judge

Charles Robert Bell Keetley (1848—1909) surgeon

Charles Robert Cattley (1817—1855) diplomatist and intelligence officer in the Crimea

Charles Robert Cockerell (1788—1863) architect

Charles Robert Cureton (1789—1848) army officer

Charles Robert Forrester (1803—1850) lawyer and writer

Charles Robert Leslie Fletcher (1857—1934) historian

Charles Robert Macgillivray (1806—1867) physician and Gaelic scholar

Charles Robert Maturin (1782—1824) writer and Church of England clergyman

Charles Robert Mowbray Fraser Cruttwell (1887—1941) historian

Charles Robert Prinsep (1789—1864)

Charles Robert Wilson (1863—1904) historian of India

Charles Robert Woods (1827—1885)

Charles Robert Wynn Carington (1843—1928) politician and landowner

Francis Charles Robert Jourdain (1865—1940) ornithologist and Church of England clergyman

George Robert Charles Herbert (1850—1895) travel writer

Robert Charles Bell (1806—1872) engraver and draughtsman

Robert Charles Edwards (1864—1922)

Robert Charles Gallo (b. 1937)

Robert Charles Ransome (1830—1886) agricultural engineer

Robert Charles Thornber Roe (1885—1976) naval officer and golf administrator

Robert Charles Zaehner (1913—1974) orientalist and intelligence officer

Robert Henry Charles (1855—1931) Church of England clergyman and biblical scholar

Sir Charles G. D. Roberts (1860—1943) poet and writer

Sir Charles Robert Harington (1897—1972) biochemist and medical administrator


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