George Roberts

(fl. c. 1695—1736) mariner and author

'George Roberts' can also refer to...

George Edward Roberts (1831—1865) geologist and antiquary

George Francis Robert Harris (1810—1872) colonial governor

George Francis Robert Henderson (1854—1903) army officer, historian, and military writer

George Henry Roberts (1868—1928) trade unionist and politician

George Philip Bradley Roberts (1906—1997) army officer

George Robert (b. 1960)

George Robert Ainslie (1776—1839) army officer and numismatist

George Robert Canning Harris (1851—1932) cricketer and administrator in India

George Robert Charles Herbert (1850—1895) travel writer

George Robert Elsmie (1838—1909) administrator in India and author

George Robert Fitzgerald (c. 1746—1786) duellist

George Robert Gayre (1907—1996) racial theorist and specialist in heraldry

George Robert Gleig (1796—1888) chaplain to the armed forces and author

George Robert Gray (1808—1872) zoologist

George Robert Lewis (1782—1871) painter and engraver

George Robert Milne Murray (1858—1911) botanist and algologist

George Robert Parkin (1846—1922) educationist and imperialist

George Robert Rowe (1792—1861) surgeon and physician

George Robert Shepherd (1881—1954) political organizer

George Robert Stephenson (1819—1905) civil engineer

George Robert Twelves Hewes (1742—1840) cordwainer and revolutionary activist in America

George Robert Waterhouse (1810—1888) zoologist

George Roberts (1804—1860) antiquary

George Sidney Roberts Kitson Clark (1900—1975) historian

Hercules George Robert Robinson (1824—1897) colonial governor

Robert George Cecil Fane (1796—1864) judge

Robert George Collier Proctor (c. 1868—1908) bibliographer

Robert George Gammage (1821—1888) Chartist

Robert George Kekewich (1854—1914) army officer


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