James Roberts

(c. 1753—1814) portrait painter

'James Roberts' can also refer to...

Eric Robert James Hussey (1885—1958) educationist

James Robert Alexander Chinnery Haldane (1842—1906) Scottish Episcopal bishop of Argyll and the Isles

James Robert Ballantyne (1813—1864) orientalist

James Robert Hope Scott (1812—1873) barrister

James Robert Madison Mullany (1818—1887)

James Robert Nicolson MacPhail (1858—1933) antiquary

James Robert Talbot (1726—1790) vicar apostolic of the London district

James Robert White (1879—1946) army officer and revolutionary socialist

James Roberts (1835—1892)

James Roberts (fl. 1564—1608) bookseller and printer

James Roberts (b. 1918)

John James Robert Manners (1818—1906) politician

Robert Archibald James Montgomerie (1855—1908) naval officer

Robert James (1703—1776) physician and inventor of James's fever powder

Robert James Carr (1774—1841) bishop of Worcester

Robert James Cruikshank (1898—1956) journalist

Robert James Elliot (1790—1849) naval officer and topographical draughtsman

Robert James Graves (1796—1853) physician

Robert James Hamer (1911—1963) film director

Robert James Heffron (1890—1978)

Robert James Lee Hawke (b. 1929) Australian Labor statesman, Prime Minister 1983–91

(Robert James) Leslie Halliwell (1929—1989) film buyer and encyclopaedist

Robert James Loyd Lindsay (1832—1901) army officer and agriculturist

Robert James Mann (1817—1886) medical practitioner and writer on science

(Robert James) Martin Wight (1913—1972) historian and expert on international affairs

Robert James McKinstry (b. 1925)

Robert James M'Ghee (c. 1789—1872) Church of Ireland clergyman and anti-Catholic polemicist

Robert James Minnitt (1889—1974) anaesthetist and general practitioner

Robert James Petre (1713—1742) patron of botany and garden designer


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