Sir William Roberts

(1604—1662) politician and government official

'Sir William Roberts' can also refer to...

Sir Robert William Duff (1835—1895) colonial governor

Sir Robert William Edis (1839—1927) architect

Sir Robert William Gardiner (1781—1864) army officer and writer

Sir Robert William Kerr Honeycombe (1921—2007) metallurgist

Sir Robert William O'Callaghan (1777—1840) army officer

Sir Robert William Perks (1849—1934) industrialist and politician

Sir Robert William Philip (1857—1939) physician and founder of tuberculosis dispensaries

Sir William Chandler Roberts Austen (1843—1902) metallurgist

Sir William Robert Grove (1811—1896) natural philosopher and judge

Sir William Robert Mends (1812—1897) naval officer

Sir William Robert Robertson (1860—1933) army officer

Sir William Robert Seymour Vesey Fitzgerald (1818—1885) politician

Sir William Roberts (1830—1899) physician and physiologist