John Robinson

(1715—1745) portrait painter

'John Robinson' can also refer to...

Brigadier-General John Robinson Royston (1860—1942)

Frederick John Robinson Goderich, 1st Viscount (1782—1859) prime minister

John Armstrong Robinson (1925—1998) diplomatist

John Cleveland Robinson (1817—1897)

John Ebdon Robinson (1923—2005) planetarium director and broadcaster

John George Robinson (1856—1943) mechanical engineer

John Henry Robinson (1796—1871) engraver

John Robinson (1576—1625) Church of England clergyman and separatist theologian

John Robinson (1650—1723) bishop of London and diplomatist

John Robinson (1682—1762) organist

John Robinson (1705—1766) planter and politician in America

John Robinson (1617—1681) royalist army officer

John Robinson

John Robinson (1727—1802) politician

John Robinson (1774—1840) historian

John Robinson (c. 1540—1598) Church of England clergyman and college head

John Robinson (1919—1983) bishop of Woolwich and biblical scholar

John Robinson Wilson (1919—1973) surgeon and author

(John) Thomas Romney Robinson (1793—1882) astronomer and physicist

John W. Robinson

Sir John Beverley Robinson (1791—1863) jurist and politician

Sir John Charles Robinson (1824—1913) museum curator and art collector

Sir John Richard Robinson (1828—1903) journalist

Sir John Robinson (1839—1903) politician in Natal and journalist

Sir John Robinson (1615—1680) merchant and financier


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