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'rook' can also refer to...

Arthur James Rook (1918—1991) dermatologist and author

Edward Rooker (c. 1724—1774) engraver and actor

Jean Kathleen Rook (1931—1991) journalist

Michael Rooker (1746—1801) watercolour painter and scene designer


Rookes Evelyn Bell Crompton (1845—1940) engineer

(William) Alan Rook (1909—1990)


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In traditional belief, this black crow is associated with death. From the mid 16th century, rook also denoted a cheat or swindler, especially in gaming.

The term rookery, literally meaning a breeding colony of rooks, typically seen as a collection of nests high in a clump of trees, is used for a dense collection of housing, especially in a slum area.

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