root-mean-square value

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(RMS value)

1. (in statistics) A typical value of a number (n) of values of a quantity (x1,x2,x3…) equal to the square root of the sum of the squares of the values divided by n, i.e. RMS value = [√(x12 + x22 + x32…/n]

RMS value = [√(x12 + x22 + x32…/n]

2. (in physics) A typical value of a continuously varying quantity, such as an alternating electric current, obtained similarly from many samples taken at regular time intervals during a cycle. Theoretically this can be shown to be the effective value, i.e. the value of the equivalent direct current that would produce the same power dissipation in a given resistor. For a sinusoidal current this is equal to Im/√2, where Im is the maximum value of the current.

Subjects: Chemistry — Physics.

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