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Round robin a petition, especially one with signatures written in a circle to conceal the order of writing; the term was originally (in the mid 18th century) used by sailors, and was frequently referred to as a nautical term.

Round Table the table at which King Arthur and his knights sat so that none should have precedence, and which came to represent their chivalric fellowship. It was first mentioned in Wace' Roman de Brut (1155); from the 15th century, the name has been given to a large circular table preserved at Winchester, bearing the names of Arthur and his most famous knights.Round Table was also subsequently used for something regarded as resembling Arthur's Round Table as an institution, such as an assembly of knights for the purpose of holding a tournament and festival, especially that instituted by King Edward III in 1345. The name has also been applied to various natural or artificial antiquities seen as having associations with King Arthur.Since 1927, Round Table has also been the name of an organization for professional people between the ages of 18 and 40, intended to promote community service and international understanding.

round tower a high tower of circular plan tapering from the base to a conical roofed top, typically found in Ireland; the purpose of such round towers has been debated, but it seems likely that they were intended as the sign of dominance of an area rather than having strategic importance in themselves.

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