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(Skt.; Pāli, group or collection). The Buddhist community, especially those who have been ordained as monks (bhikṣu) and nuns (bhikṣunī) but originally referring to the ‘fourfold saṃgha’ of monks, nuns, laymen (upāsaka), and laywomen (upāsikā). The minimal requirements for admission to the Saṃgha are faith in the ‘three jewels’ (triratna) of the Buddha.the Dharma.and the Saṃgha (in this context meaning the ārya-saṃgha), usually demonstrated in the act of ‘taking refuge’ (see triśaraṇa). Laymen are expected to keep the Five Precepts (pañca-śīla) while monks and nuns follow the Prātimokṣa code of over 200 rules.

Subjects: Buddhism.

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