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Abbrev. for scalable vector graphics. A form of XML used to describe an image. The image is specified by lines of XML code defining paths, shapes, fills, colors, etc. Text can be included with instructions as to font, size, weight, style, and other effects. SVG were promoted by W3C as a format for images on the Web. The format has a number of advantages. The files are small (compared with a bitmap image) and the images are scalable (i.e. they can be expanded without loss of resolution). Moreover, scripts (e.g. JavaScript) can be embedded in the XML to create special effects (e.g. animation or color change in response to the cursor). In addition, the files are searchable (e.g. it is possible to search for place names on a map). Support for SVG in current (2008) web browsers is variable and generally incomplete.

http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG11/ The W3C SVG specification (version 1.1)

Subjects: Computing.

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