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All at sea confused and unable to decide what to do.

sea change a profound or notable transformation; originally with allusion to the song in Shakespeare's Tempest (1611) which envisages the physical changes that will come to Ferdinand's supposedly drowned father.

the sea-green Incorruptible Thomas Carlyle's name in his History of the French Revolution (1837), for the French revolutionary Maximilien Robespierre (1758–94), leader of the radical Jacobins in the National Assembly. Robespierre initiated the Terror, but the following year he fell from power and was guillotined.

sea lawyer an eloquently and obstinately argumentative person.

Sea Peoples any or all of the groups of invaders, of uncertain identity, who encroached on Egypt and the eastern Mediterranean by land and sea in the late 13th century bc. The Egyptians were successful in driving them away, but some, including the Philistines, settled in Palestine. Also called Peoples of the Sea.

See also there are as good fish in the sea as ever came out of it, hands across the sea, high seas, old man of the sea, seven seas.

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