Semprōnius Gracchus, Tiberius

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Was aedile 182 and demanded such heavy contributions from provincial clients that the senate limited future aediles' expenditure. As praetor and proconsul in Spain (180–178) he subdued the Celtiberians, imposed a settlement they regarded as bearable and founded a city for them. He was rewarded with a triumph and the consulship of 177. He took Sardinia from its commanders and in two ruthless campaigns subdued the Sardi, celebrating another triumph and recording his deeds in a temple on the forum Boarium. As censor 169, he and his colleague supported the levies for the Macedonian War and dealt harshly with equestrians and publicani. Prosecuted by a tribune, they were acquitted. Gracchus restricted freedmen's votes and built the basilica Sempronia. As consul for the second time (163) he again went to Sardinia, from where he remembered, as augur, that the new consuls had been elected illegally, forcing them to resign. He headed two embassies to the east, establishing useful personal connections. He married Cornelia, daughter of Cornelius Scipio Africanus, who bore him twelve children, only three of whom (Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus 2, Gaius Sempronius Gracchus, and a daughter) survived.

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