Single-letter and three-letter codes for amino acids

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A Ala Alanine

R Arg Arginine

N Asn Asparagine

D Asp Aspartic acid

B Asparagine or aspartic acid

C Cys Cysteine

Q Gln Glutamine

E Glu Glutamic acid

Z Glutamine or glutamic acid

G Gly Glycine

H His Histidine

I Ileu Isoleucine

L Leu Leucine

K Lys Lysine

M Met Methionine

J Nle Norleucine

F Phe Phenylalanine

P Pro Proline

S Ser Serine

T Thr Threonine

W Trp Tryptophan

Y Tyr Tyrosine

V Val Valine

From A Dictionary of Biomedicine in Oxford Reference.

Subjects: Medicine and Health.

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