John Smith

(1662—1717) poet and playwright

'John Smith' can also refer to...

Augustus John Smith (1804—1872) landowner and philanthropist

Charles John Smith (1803—1838) engraver

Edward John Smith (1850—1912) merchant seaman and master of RMS Titanic

Frederick John Jervis Smith (1848—1911) physicist

Henry John Smith (1826—1883) mathematician

John Abel Smith (1802—1871) financier and politician

John Alexander Smith (1863—1939) philosopher and classical scholar

John Benjamin Smith (1794—1879) promoter of free trade

John Chaloner Smith (1827—1895) civil engineer and writer on art

John Christopher Smith (1712—1795) composer and music copyist

John Christopher Smith (1683—1763)

John Edwin Smith (1921)

John Frederick Smith (1806—1890) novelist

John Gordon Smith (1792—1833) physician

John Maynard Smith (1920—2004) biologist

John Orrin Smith (1799—1843) wood-engraver

John Prince Smith (1809—1874) political economist and translator in Germany

John Prince Smith (c. 1774—1822) barrister

John Pye Smith (1774—1851) Congregational minister

John Raphael Smith (1751—1812) printmaker and print publisher

John Russell Smith (1810—1894) bookseller and bibliographer

John Sidney Smith (1804—1871) legal writer

John Smith (1580—1631) soldier and colonial governor

John Smith (1938—1994) politician

John Smith (1618—1652) philosopher

John Smith (1784—1849) bookseller and publisher

John Smith (fl. c. 1621—1680) writer on trade

John Smith (c. 1648—1727) clockmaker and writer

John Smith (c. 1792—1824) missionary

John Smith (1656—1723) politician


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