sodium iodide

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A white crystalline solid, NaI, very soluble in water and soluble in both ethanol and ethanoic acid. It is known in both the anhydrous form (cubic; r.d. 3.67; m.p. 661°C; b.p. 1304°C) and as the dihydrate (monoclinic; r.d. 2.45). It is prepared by the reaction of hydrogen iodide with sodium carbonate or sodium hydroxide in solution. Like potassium iodide, sodium iodide in aqueous solution dissolves iodine to form a brown solution containing the I3 ion. It finds applications in photography and is also used in medicine as an expectorant and in the administration of radioactive iodine for studies of thyroid function and for treatment of diseases of the thyroid.

Subjects: Chemistry.

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