Southern Ocean

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An algal photoprotection index and vertical mixing in the Southern Ocean

Antarctica and the Southern Ocean

At-sea distribution of female southern elephant seals relative to variation in ocean surface properties

Biogeographic study of the planktonic communities of the Prince Edward Islands (Southern Ocean)

Climate-driven range expansion of the red-tide dinoflagellate Noctiluca scintillans into the Southern Ocean

Comparison of fisheries yield and oceanographic features at the southern boundaries of the western and eastern Subarctic Pacific Ocean

Comparison of mesh size effects on mesozooplankton collection efficiency in the Southern Ocean

The Continuous Plankton Recorder in the Southern Ocean: a comparative analysis of zooplankton communities sampled by the CPR and vertical net hauls along 140°E

Diatom assemblages at subsurface chlorophyll maximum layer in the eastern Indian sector of the Southern Ocean in summer

Evaluating Connectivity in the Brooding Brittle Star Astrotoma agassizii across the Drake Passage in the Southern Ocean

Evidence of brooding in Southern Ocean limid bivalves

Field comparison of an LHPR net sampling system and an Optical Plankton Counter (OPC) in the Southern Ocean

Fine-scale linkages between the diving behaviour of Antarctic fur seals and oceanographic features in the southern Indian Ocean

Identification of Southern Ocean acoustic targets using aggregation backscatter and shape characteristics

Importance of the large copepod Paraeuchaeta antarctica (Giesbrecht, 1902) in coastal waters and the diet of seabirds at Kerguelen, Southern Ocean

Lamproitic Rocks from a Continental Collision Zone: Evidence for Recycling of Subducted Tethyan Oceanic Sediments in the Mantle Beneath Southern Tibet

Light rather than iron controls photosynthate production and allocation in Southern Ocean phytoplankton populations during austral autumn

Lithospheric structure of southern Indian shield and adjoining oceans: integrated modelling of topography, gravity, geoid and heat flow data

Metazooplankton distribution across the Southern Indian Ocean with emphasis on the role of Larvaceans

Morphological and genetic evidence that Octopus vulgaris Cuvier, 1797 inhabits Amsterdam and Saint Paul Islands (southern Indian Ocean)

New target-strength model indicates more krill in the Southern Ocean

Photophysiology in Two Major Southern Ocean Phytoplankton Taxa: Photosynthesis and Growth of Phaeocystis antarctica and Fragilariopsis cylindrus under Different Irradiance Levels

Plankton trophodynamics at the subtropical convergence, Southern Ocean

Potential contribution that the copepod Neocalanus tonsus makes to downward carbon flux in the Southern Ocean

The Removal of Large Whales from the Southern Ocean

Rhincalanus gigas and Calanus simillimus: lipid storage patterns of two species of copepod in the seasonally ice-free zone of the Southern Ocean

Seasonal abundance of copepod assemblages and grazing pressure in the Kerguelen Island area (Southern Ocean)

Shorter notice. Science and Exploration in the Pacific: European Voyages to the Southern Oceans in the Eighteenth Century. Margaret Lincoln (ed)

Size-fractionated phytoplankton carboxylase activities in the Indian sector of the Southern Ocean

Size-fractionated Primary Production in the South Atlantic and Atlantic Sectors of the Southern Ocean


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The area of ocean that lies within the Antarctic Convergence.

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