spin temperature

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spin temperature

spin temperature

Spin Dynamics at Finite Temperature

Nuclear Spin-System Dynamics Caused by NMR Saturation for Arbitrary Spin Temperature


The spin temperature of high-redshift damped Lyman α systems

The spin temperature of neutral hydrogen during cosmic pre-reionization

On the spin-temperature evolution during the epoch of reionization

Optical thickness, spin temperature and correction factor for the density of Galactic H i gas

21 cm signal from cosmic dawn: imprints of spin temperature fluctuations and peculiar velocities

Application of strain to orbital-spin-coupled system MnV2O4 at cryogenic temperatures within a transmission electron microscope

Electron Spin Resonance and Thermoluminescence Dosimetry of Clear Fused Quartz: Its Possible Use for Personal, High Dose and High Temperature Dosimetry

Using 21 cm absorption surveys to measure the average H i spin temperature in distant galaxies

Stringent constraints on the H i spin temperature in two z > 3 damped Lyman α systems from redshifted 21 cm absorption studies

A search for H i 21 cm absorption towards a radio-selected quasar sample – II. A new low spin temperature DLA at high redshift

Successful Mn ions spin polarization in magnetic semiconductor at room temperature in a Co2FeAl/(Ga,Mn)As bilayer

Revisit to the Nuclear Spin Temperature of NH[math] in Comet C/2001 Q4 (NEAT) Based on High-Dispersion Spectra of Cometary NH[math]

H i content, metallicities and spin temperatures of damped and sub-damped Lyα systems in the redshift desert (0.6 < z abs < 1.7)*


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A fictitious temperature that describes the average spin of neutral hydrogen (H I) atoms in a gas cloud. H I has two energy states: an upper state in which the spins of the electron and proton are parallel, and a lower state in which the spins are opposite (antiparallel). The spin temperature of an H I region is the temperature that would produce the observed ratio of parallel to antiparallel spins if the H I gas were in thermal equilibrium. The transition between the two spin states of the H I atom produces the important radio spectral line at 21 cm wavelength.

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