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A group of German artists active in Munich from 1958 to 1966. The founders of the group were the painters Heimrad Prem (1934–79), Helmut Sturm (1932– ), and Hans-Peter Zimmer (1936–92), and the sculptor Lothar Fischer (1933–2004). The name ‘Spur’ (German for ‘track’) was adopted in 1958 when they happened to be thinking about footprints they had made in the snow. Their work was semi-abstract, but they advocated an art of social protest and were influenced by the vivid portrayal of suffering that is often seen in late medieval German art. Another important influence was Asger Jorn, who encouraged them and helped them to exhibit their work. From 1959 to 1962 they were part of the Situationist International, and their journal Spur (seven issues, 1960–61) was one of the leading Situationist publications. In 1962, however, they were expelled by the movement, a not unusual distinction.

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